What We See is What We Don’t See

What You See

A father gave a beautiful crucifix to his young daughter. Then he asked her, “Annie, what’s the difference between the figure of Jesus on the crucifix and the Host which the priest holds up at the Consecration of the Mass?”

Annie didn’t hesitate a moment, “When I look at the figure on the cross I see Jesus ,and He isn’t there. When I look at the Host, I don’t see Jesus, but He is there.”
This is the true nature of the Most Holy Eucharist in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but how much do we really know about the Mass? Before we look a little deeper into the Mass, let’s first look at a couple of the mechanics.

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A Ruined Pair of Slacks

a ruined pair of slacks

This is a true story. I once knew a man who had three sons. All the sons were well-behaved and respected their father with a love not commonly seen. He seldom had to punish his sons, as they were eager to please their father. However, the oldest son got it into his head that he simply was not going to obey his father on one particular matter. The father spanked his son repeatedly for this chronic act of disobedience. It got to the point that the father knew he would lose his son to the boy’s own will if he didn’t break this streak of disobedience, so he decided to get creative.

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