Baptism Denied?


If we are all God's children, why would a priest (actually 2 different priests from 2 different Catholic churches in this area) deny an innocent 9month old child Baptism?

I feel I must give you further information. My son was raised Catholic, and up until 2 years ago, was a practicing Catholic and his wife (who was baptized in the Catholic church as a baby ) attended church with him for a little over 6 years. He and his wife began going to a Baptist Church because his wife was not being spiritually fulfilled in the Catholic Church and requested they try other Christian churches. They began attending a Baptist church regularly a year and a half ago. My son felt that his family would have a better chance to stay church goers if they prayed together as a family, and he was having difficulty getting his wife to attend church. They are attending church regularly, but both of them want to have their third child baptized in the Catholic Church.

My priest at St ??? in [undisclosed city] would not allow the Baptism in his church. Just today, my son met with the priest at St ??? in [undisclosed city] and was denied as well. After reading your article on Baptism (including the story about the Eskimo child who was born of Pagan parents, who was baptized) I do not understand why my innocent grandchild should be denied Baptism.


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