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There's lots of angels we've read about... I'm curious how we know which one is ours. Like, if we are assigned one, is there a specific or famous one that we we attached to? Or, since there's billions of us, do we just get one unique to our creation (which would mean there are 7B angels here) and there is one for each of us and they aren't necessarily a famous one (e.g like a patron st. Monica who my mom named my middle name after)...

Thanks for your questions. I’ll try my best to answer your questions.

There are more angels than there ever have been or ever will be humans. The moment a human being is conceived in the womb, God assigns one of His angels as our guardian angel throughout all eternity. The neat thing about Guardian angels is you can have an intimate relationship with him, if you're willing to develop it. I would suggest getting a book by Father Robert J Fox called
The World and Work of the Holy Angels.

So far as “famous angels" are concerned, Scripture only reveals the name of three angels. However, we think we know the names of seven archangels through private revelation. I believe that is also covered and Father Fox's book. Trust me, it is a remarkable book.
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